What is progressive profiling.

Progressive profiling: an innovative strategy

What is progressive profiling?

The term “progressive profiling” refers to a marketing strategy that allows companies to obtain information about their prospects and convert them into customers.

It is based on a concept similar to Inbound Marketing, but offers content adapted to each person thanks to the collection of information in several stages.

The definition of progressive profiling

Progressive profiling is a digital marketing technique that collects information about prospects through a dynamic system of questions that as the lead completes forms, different questions are asked in order to gather information that the business does not yet have.

These questions are designed to capture valuable and useful data about the person and their interests, allowing the company to improve the chances of conversion.

Answers to questions indicate what prospects need or how they might be interested in the products or services offered by the company.

The Benefits of Progressive Profiling

One of the greatest strengths of progressive profiling is that it improves the usability of forms on a website. Indeed, this method prevents consumers from immediately filling out long, repetitive and redundant forms.

The progressive way in which it collects data therefore allows the user to be less intimidated by the process.

How to Implement a Progressive Profiling Strategy?

To implement an effective progressive profiling strategy, you will need to follow these few steps:

Identify Your Target Audience Personality

Accurately identifying your audience allows you to tailor your pitch to the right people and helps you understand exactly what they want from you.

Intelligently Collect Data

Be careful about the information collected about your prospects. Try to target only those that may be relevant to your campaign. Your goal here is to get enough information to be able to tailor your messages to the right people.

Offer Quality Content

As often, content is a determining factor in converting prospects. You must ensure that your content is relevant and adapted to the expectations of the people concerned so that they can find what they really need, thus obtaining a better conversion.

Intelligently Guide The Process

Your strategy should intelligently guide the process by asking questions at every step, to get the person to engage more deeply with your brand.

When consumers have their interests taken into account and can benefit from tailor-made targeted content, they are more inclined to provide additional information.

Necessary Tools And Technologies

Progressive profiling requires the use of specific technology to collect and process prospect data.

Tools such as Plezi, which automatically segments leads according to different criteria, can be very useful. Indeed, Plezi offers a complete solution for quickly and easily analyzing user data and generating highly effective personalized campaigns.

How to Optimize Progressive Profiling?

Content Personalization

Having a progressive profiling strategy in place not only allows companies to gather information about their prospects, but also to create a dialogue without marketing pressure or harassment.

Users should always be free to choose what they want to share with the brand or not while fully benefiting from the content made available by it.

Avoid long and repetitive forms

Finally, it is important to try to use short and simple forms so that the user is not intimidated by the process.

This allows companies to convert more efficiently and increase trust between the company and its customers.


Progressive Profiling is an interesting option to collect valuable information about prospects in order to offer them personalized content. With this technique, companies can ensure that each person receives exactly what they need or are interested in, thanks to advanced technological tools and intelligent data analysis.

After exploring the concept of progressive profiling and its benefits in terms of inbound marketing, we can see that this method offers a more efficient way to collect relevant information about prospects.

It not only allows you to go to the essentials and create personalized content at each stage of the customer journey, but also to avoid too long and repetitive forms. Thanks to progressive profiling, you will discover the power of inbound marketing every day!