Increase conversions from your blog posts!

Increase conversions from a blog post

Blog Post Must Generate Conversions!

Companies that implement a content marketing strategy and therefore mobilize resources (collaborators, agency, freelance writer, etc.) to publish articles in a blog, have obviously the objective of generating leads, conversions and to acquire new customers.

Blogs and the articles that compose them are used to attract traffic through natural referencing (SEO). But beyond the text and the subject of an article, how can you transform the reader into a prospect or at least capture information allowing you to carry out other commercial or marketing actions targeting this same reader?

The Sidebar: Your Main Ally To Increase Conversions From A Blog Post

A blog post page is made up of several elements (the different levels of titles, images, text, links, videos, etc.). When designing the template (model) of the blog article page, it is a shame to leave out one or even two sidebars that would frame each of your articles.

The sidebar offers the possibility of increasing conversions from a blog post by promoting content on each of your articles without disturbing or breaking the reading of the text.

The sidebar has another big advantage: its visibility! This space is visible almost directly when opening an article. That is to say, the reader does not even need to scroll on the page to see what is highlighted in this space.

In this area, depending on your sector of activity, place a qualitative CTA or one that can arouse impulse buying: downloading a white paper, registering for a webinar, free demo, free trial, best sellers, etc.

Use the Body of the Page to Highlight CTAs

Depending on the size of the article, it makes sense to add areas within the article itself.

Taking the form of banners, they are inserted between paragraphs or between parts of the content. The banners should not be too imposing so as not to hinder the reading of the article, which could cause the potential lead to leave the page.

The banners inside the content can be used to highlight the same type of CTA as those in the sidebar.

At the end of the article to encourage the reader to stay longer

At the end of the article, it is always a good idea to put CTAs to articles related to the subject in order to encourage the reader to continue reading on the blog and not to leave it. The goal is that he spends the most time on the site and this for 2 reasons:

  • The more the reader will be confronted with other CTAs, the more likely he is to click on them,
  • The more the reader will find interesting content on your blog, the more he will have a positive image of your brand and the more likely he will be to come back.

These 2 reasons will ultimately help increase conversions from your blog.

Between blog posts

It is possible to go further and insist a little more by adding a pop-up system that is displayed when a reader navigates from one article of your blog to another.

This pop-up should highlight content with high added value (promo code, white paper, etc.) and should only appear once for each session within the blog in order to not create frustrations, driving away the potential prospect.

Finally, quality content and a well-designed site are two essential factors to increase conversions from a blog post!