Automation marketing performance

Improve Your Marketing Automation Performance!

Increase Marketing Campaign Performance With Automation

Do you still need to set up manual marketing campaigns to try to achieve your goals? With the automation technology available today, companies can not only improve their customer insight and performance, but they can also accelerate that performance through the judicious use of marketing automation-based strategies.

In this article, we will see how using a well-thought-out technical solution along with the right flow and content allows companies to effectively target their audience and measure and manage campaign performance directly with several specific KPIs.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a tool that allows companies to manage several marketing tasks automatically. Automation can include messaging leads, segmenting leads, and planning marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation allows companies to improve their customer knowledge and performance.

What Performance to Measure with Marketing Automation?

There are many key KPIs to measure the performance of marketing automation campaigns, including:

  • The conversion rate,
  • The customer engagement rate,
  • The number of sales,
  • The number of purchases,
  • The average time between sending the campaign and conversion,
  • The duration of the customer journey,
  • The unsubscribe rate,
  • Open and click rates
  • etc

These indicators allow companies to have an overview of the overall performance of campaigns. They are essential for making important decisions such as improving the campaign or making changes to its strategy.

How to improve your performance with marketing automation?

To improve the performance of automation paths, it is necessary to establish specific objectives. It is then necessary to define the steps necessary to achieve this, depending on the commercial context and the positioning on the market where the actions are carried out. Then comes the implementation of a marketing automation strategy. It is important to build a workflow in order to reach the target audience with relevant content adapted to each stage of the customer journey without over-soliciting them.

When you have defined your strategy, using a marketing automation solution will allow your sales and marketing teams to automate certain steps (contact management, targeting prospects, action tracking).

With the right foundations and tools, but also by implementing a continuous improvement process, each company can successfully implement marketing automation paths.

It is important to take into account the different opportunities offered by the solution selected by the company, such as sending emails, text messages, creating tasks for sales teams, or even scoring. For this, it is crucial to take the time to master the tool in order to then be able to design efficient automation paths.

How to Effectively Remarket Your Audience?

Remarketing is a very effective marketing practice to keep customers coming back and converting.

It is important that companies select the right tool and can apply different strategies to best reach their targets. Companies can, for example, configure emails in their marketing automation system in order to relaunch a lead who has not yet purchased, or a customer who has not made purchases for a certain time.

Why And How Does Marketing Automation Enable Companies To Improve Their Customer Knowledge And Performance?

Marketing automation is an essential tool for companies wishing to improve their performance. It allows marketing and sales managers to optimize the time they spend on recurring tasks through automated management.

The main KPIs to take into account to measure performance are conversion, engagement and qualification. The choice of the tool used to set up the marketing automation is crucial since it is the tool that will condition the different possibilities for personalizing the journey and communication.

In conclusion, it is important to note that all these solutions will only be effective if they are implemented correctly and well managed. Marketing automation can be a great tool for companies that want to improve the performance of their campaigns.